“We were totally satisfied with everything from Davis Frame. We would definitely work with you again given the opportunity of building another house. We greatly enjoyed working with … Jeff Davis.” 

Brian and Joan, CO

“This spring (February 2008) will mark the 20th anniversary of your coming down to Middleburg to put up our Davis Timber Frame. Jeff, not a day goes by where either Kathy or I don’t remark about the beauty of the frame and how it provides the “soul” of our home. Many, many thanks from us to you and your team.” 

Keith and Kathy, VA

“I’m so glad that we “took the plunge” and contacted Davis Frame back in 2005 to begin the process of building this home. Everyone at Davis Frame was supportive and helpful, from the receptionist to the designers to the project manager. You have been unfailingly friendly and patient, and I have come to count you all among my friends.” 

Marilyn, NY

“Things we were happy with: Steve Petty! We could not have done this job without Steve, and he demonstrated the utmost professionalism at all times … Our visits to Claremont and interactions with Jeff and the team were good experiences. These experiences provided the level of comfort we needed to make the decision to go with DF … All in all, this was a big and complicated project, and we love the final result. We would recommend Davis Frame and Steve Petty to anyone considering building a custom timber frame home.”

Ian and Janet, MA

“We loved the way Jeff Davis and his staff took our hand drawn house plans and turned them into a home. Our plans were developed without an architect, thanks to the skills of their in-house CAD designers and Jeff’s creative input. We built the house as a vacation home with plans to move in full time for retirement in several years – but we love the house so much we moved in after it was completed!”

Jeff and Linda, VT

“Tom and I are so pleased that we chose Davis Timber Frame Company to accomplish our dream of a timber frame home. From the beginning of the process to the end and beyond, their staff was responsive to our needs on a very timely basis. Davis Frame was flexible and worked with us when we ran into some scheduling issues, thus making a very stressful process rather enjoyable.”

Tom and Bonnie Sutliff 


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Whether you’re looking to build a timber frame, post and beam or panelized home, we offer weather tight packages for every taste and style. Our packages not only include the structural framing, but also can include windows and doors as well as exterior finishes such as siding, roofing and trim. 

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Discover the various structural package options that Davis Frame has to offer.  Our timber frame homes, panelized homes, post and beam homes, and prefab barn homes all come with a diverse selection of framing, wall, and roofing options.

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