Here at Davis Frame, we’ve crafted many beautiful timber frame barns over the years. While we are most known for crafting timber frame homes, we often work with client’s on other timber frame and prefab projects including barns, garages, carriage houses, outbuildings and light commercial projects. Because barns are becoming an increasingly popular request, we thought we would share a sample of the barn projects we’ve worked on through the years. 

Today’s barns are not only used by farmers for their livestock and grain, but also for the modern day homeowner where they may use a barn as a garage, use for storage or more increasingly popular, as a home. Barns are extremely common here in New Hampshire and Vermont. If you take a drive through the Twin States, you will see barn structures everywhere, from old to new and big to small. There is something nostalgic about a New England barn that you come across, which is why many homeowners desire to add a barn to their property. Barns give you a warm and inviting feel and truly add to a home. 

timber frame wedding barn in vermont

This beautiful barn located in Vermont was originally designed as a wedding barn. 

timber frame wedding barn in vermont

Here is a look inside the Vermont wedding barn. What a beautiful space to say I do!

small timber frame barn

This is known as a bank barn. Traditionally, these barns have access on the lower level where it is built into a bank and an entrance on the upper level. 

small timber frame barn

A view of the hemlock timber frame interior of the bank barn. The homeowner’s kept it rustic as it will be used as a tractor barn.

monitor timber frame barn

This timber frame monitor barn is located in Connecticut. The design focuses on one level with a small lofted space in the center section. 

large timber frame barn

Grand tractor barn located in Colorado, perfect for holding large tractors. 

timber frame tractor barn

Small tractor barn built in Connecticut for the owner who collects vintage John Deere tractors. 

large timber frame barn with cupola

This beautiful large white barn was built first for the homeowners to live in on the second floor while their main house is being built. 

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