Creating a Budget for Your New Timber Frame Home

Here at Davis Timber Frame, many clients come to us concerned about being able to work within their budget. Many things affect the budget, including the design of the plan, the wood species of the timber frame, choice of windows, and what materials you choose to finish your house.

Remember, the timber frame package, which includes the exterior shell of the home (timber frame, Structural Insulated Panels, windows, doors, siding, roofing, and trim) is only one part davis-timber-frame-homesof the house. As soon as your plans formulate, consider these things.

  • What kind of heating system do I want?
  • What kind of siding will we have?
  • What kind of flooring will be used and where?
  • What type of kitchen cabinets and appliances will I be using?
  • How much money will site work require?

How do you go about establishing costs that fit into your budget? First, interview local custom builders. Begin by consulting acquaintances who have built custom homes or check with your local chapter of the National Home Builders Association. Your builder will help you establish costs for all areas of the house. Next, prioritize the rooms according to your main focus. For instance, most timber frame homes highlight the Great Room. And, if you’re an aspiring Chef or plan to do a lot of entertaining, the kitchen will also be a big focus. Look at those areas first and choose a timber frame system that enhances those areas but stays within your allowance for those rooms. Then work with your builder to establish a budget to work within. Then you can determine how the rest of the house can be finished to stay within your budget.

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If your budget is tight, consider a hybrid system, combining timber framing with conventional stick frame construction for other areas of the house. Your builder can also recommend appliances, flooring, and finish materials to help you stay within budget.

Contact Davis Frame today by calling 1-800-636-0993 to receive our construction budget worksheet to help you get started! We are happy to answer your questions regarding budgeting and costs.