Build Unique, Build An Octagon Timber Frame

Over the years, Davis Frame Company has worked with clients to give them a timber frame house design unique to them. An increasingly popular design element many of our clients wish to include is an octagonal timber framed room. A few years ago, one of our clients even built an octagon timber frame home. House designs have come a long way and more people are choosing to add creative touches to make their home unique to them.

Check out a few of our timber frame octagon projects below:

octagon timber frame home

 This octagonal shaped timber frame home features two separate octagons joined by a connector. This style design works perfect for this lakeside home in Virginia.

Octagon room

 This custom timber frame home in Connecticut features an octagon room that is just appealing on the outside as it is in the inside.

octagon timber frame

 The final result for this Connecticut home is a beautiful timber frame dining area, a charming room to entertain family and friends.

octagon addition

 One great benefit of using timber frame in your home is that it can work with any type of construction. From the outside, you can’t tell that this octagon shaped room has beautiful exposed timber framing on the inside. Looking to add on to your current house? Try an octagon design to add architectural interest.

octagon timber frame

Interested in building your own unique timber frame room or house? Call us today at 800-636-0993, we would love to chat with you about your upcoming project.