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Why Prefabricated Building Systems?

Prefabricated homes and buildings were not perceived to be ideal and many think of prefab as modular. However, there are many different types of prefab construction techniques and the technology has come a long way through the years. With the use of CNC machinery and being fabricated in a controlled factory, the precision and quality is unmatched.

Here at Davis Frame, we craft beautiful exposed wooden beams, known as timber frame or post and beam. We craft our timber frames with the use of modern technology, combined with traditional old world craftsmanship. Our timber frame homes are the perfect option for homeowners looking for optimal energy performance combined with beauty. Timber frames also lend themselves to open concept living, cathedral ceilings, and design flexibility, giving your customers the freedom to design the perfect dream home. 

We also offer a panelized wall and roof system, perfect for builders and homeowners who are looking to cut down on the framing time on-site. Our wall and roof panels are built using premium SPF dimensional lumber and can be insulated in our factory or on-site. Panelized construction offers the same look of a conventional home, but so many more benefits. 

  • Precut and assembled in a controlled environment
  • Designed and built for optimal energy performance
  • Quick on-site installation
  • Minimal waste
  • High market value

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