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The Importance of the Builder Relationship

Here at Davis Frame Company, we are a construction materials provider, similar to a lumber yard, except we offer additional services such as design. We are not a custom home builder, therefore, good builders are needed to build our client’s homes. We are only one part of the client’s project, but a good builder is the key person in our client’s projects. We work very closely with builders during the design and planning process. We prefer to collaborate with our client’s builders early in the process.

Also, our client’s hire their own builders direct, however, we are always looking to collaborate and network with new builders. Often our client’s ask us if there are any builders in their area and we like to be able to share a list of builders. Reach out to us today to see how we can work together!

Architect Collaboration

Many times our client’s will hire an architect to oversee their project. We enjoy working with architects and it is important as a materials supplier to be involved early on in the process, especially if your client is using timber framing. We can help to facilitate the timber frame design for performance, aesthetics and functionality.



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