Not all timber frame home construction packages are the same. At Davis Frame Company, we specialize in designing and manufacturing structural components for new timber frame homes, and we offer a multitude of package options to fit individual needs. Whether you are interested in timber frame construction, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), or 2x panelized construction, we have a complete structural shell package for you. Founded in 1987 solely as a timber frame manufacturer, over the years we added our 2x panelized wall option into the mix for a more comprehensive offering. Discover our different structural package options to see what is the right fit for your project!

Timber Frame Home Structural Shell Package

timber frame and sips

In 1987, frame-wright and custom home builders Jeff Davis and Rick Bascom realized they shared a common dream: to build the finest custom-designed timber frame homes. Begun in a Brownsville, Vermont barn, demand for their frames increased quickly grew and a new 22,000 square foot facility was built over the river in Claremont, New Hampshire, its current location. Today, Davis Frame Company is well known for crafting beautiful timber frames and it’s been a brand staple for well over 30 years!  

Our timber frames provide the structural integrity of a home, offering a unique warmth and charm with the exposed wooden beams, as well as long-lasting durability. We wrap and insulate frames using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), well known for their superior r values. These two structural components are a match made in heaven. Also typically included in this timber frame shell package is pine tongue and groove decking. This is installed over the timber frame roof (before the SIPS roof) and visable on the second level of the home as well as in any vaulted space on the first floor. The tongue and groove decking adds to the wood charm and is a low maintenance option compared to sheetrock (you will never have to paint or repair!). This Davis Frame structural package is perfect for those looking for a unique look and also want a durable home that will last for hundreds of years. 

Panelized Structural Shell Package

panelized walls

In the mid-2000s, we experienced increased demand for prefabricated conventional wall panels for clients building hybrid timber frame homes. What is a hybrid timber frame home? Typically, it features a timber frame constructed central living area while the wings of the home are conventionally built. When requested, we prefabricated wall panels for these types of projects.

But the demand kept growing, with home-builders interested in just these panelized walls. After some thought, Davis Frame decided to build another facility dedicated to the fabrication of 2x panelized walls. Now, 13 years later, that shop remains busy between building conventional wall panels for hybrid homes and offering a complete analyzed home package for builders and homeowners. 

The main benefit of prefabricated 2x walls is that they are fabricated in a controlled environment where there is no interference from harsh weather. Plus, there’s less on-site waste, and they can be put together by a small team, speeding up framing time-on-site. Generally, we’ve heard from many builders who find our panelized wall systems extremely valuable, allowing them to do more projects with fewer people. 

Build-PAK Precut Package

Not sure if you or your builder want to work with panelized walls? Davis Frame also offers precut 2x dimensional framing packages. It will still cut down on the time it takes on-site for your builder to frame your home due to all the 2x lumber being cut and bundled per wall section. It will also eliminate waste and lessen the need to cut on-site. This is a perfect package option for clients whose builders still want to do the layout and framing on site. Many builders we work with like this option. 

Windows & Doors

We also offer windows and exterior doors with our structural packages. We are a supplier of Marvin and Pella windows. At Davis Frame, all of our packages factor in window and door openings so that they can be installed on-site quickly and with minimal cutting involved. Many times our clients add the windows and doors to their home package as they are assured the correct window schedule has been factored during the precutting phase. 

Exterior Finishes

For those that live locally, we can offer an exterior finish package which would include siding, trim and roofing. We primarily offer wood siding options and a manufactured wood siding product like LP. We also offer architectural shingle roofing. If you are looking for a metal roof, this is best supplied by your local builder. 

Interested in learning more about Davis Frame timber frame or panelized packages? Call us today at 800.636.0993!