Houzz for Planning Your New Home

Have you been on Houzz yet? If not, we suggest you check out this amazing website! If you’re familiar with Pinterest and like what you see, we guarantee you will love Houzz to save your ideas for your new home. If you are like me, you get tired of tearing ideas out of magazines, only to have that pile take up more room in your house, and sometimes (or most of the time), you just can’t find that one idea easily within that pile. Who hasn’t wished for a better way to plan for their new home project? A way that is organized and creates less stress. 


So what exactly is Houzz? It is a social site where you can research ideas for your new timber home or remodeling project and save it on an idea book (similar to Pinterest’s boards). You can create different idea books for each room of your house. Not only does Houzz feature architecture and interior design photos, they also have awesome articles written by home design and building experts. Houzz also enables you to check out local building professionals in your area and see what clients have to say.