Modern Vermont Timber Frame Studio

In the summer of 2014, we worked with our client, Mike, to craft his modern Vermont timber frame studio. The contemporary 24×20 studio design was created Brett Culbert, of inCommonwealth. To give the structure a modern look, he designed the studio as a simple box featuring a shed roof and a modern window design. The studio wall of windows featured on two sides of the structure was designed to capture the 100-mile northwestern long views while placing the structure into the hillside in a non-obtrusive manner.

Davis Frame delivered the modern timber frame in just three weeks and the assembly of the frame was done in 3 days by 4 workers. The construction was completed all by hand because of all the materials needing to be moved to the site without the use of machinery. The studio sits on a 35-degree slope with ledge being the bedrock for the pinned foundation system. They completed the overall construction within 5 months by 2-3 workers from initial grubbing to the final landscape.

The modern Vermont timber frame studio is crafted with Douglas fir and features an open floor plan. The exterior and interior finishing were carefully selected to keep in line with modern design. The exterior vertical grain siding is stained charcoal gray, and the roof is copper, enhancing the studio’s modern image. The windows are by Loewen and the glass door custom by Mayo’s Glass. The interior is all wood between the exposed wooden timber frame and lodgepole pine featured on the walls and ceiling. The beautiful front double wooden door, cabinets and desk were crafted out of rift sawn white oak, giving the wood a unique linear appearance. The studio is heated by a cast-iron woodstove by Morso. The beautiful industrial style lighting was purchased from the Barn Light Company.

I asked Peter Donovan, Project Manager, for his input on this project:

“Working on this studio with Mike was a lot of fun. It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into this design prior to the arrival to discuss the project, and things went extremely smoothly because his vision was timber frame studiovery well-defined, both in the sketches and, by the verbal description of the vision. The fact that Mike had some building experience facilitated quick decisions as we were creating shop drawings and specifying the structural framing system and how everything would tie together. And, using the 2×6 lodgepole pine T&G as the floor, walls and roof finish to complete the rich, Douglas fir timber frame was simply gorgeous.”

“Because of family summer commitments, there was a tight construction timeline (“You probably think we’re crazy, but we need this in 3 weeks….”), but we fast-tracked and had it ready on time!! Sweet success for everyone….”

Check out the collage of photos below showcasing this gorgeous studio! To see more photos of this project, visit our Modern Timber Frame Studio gallery. Interested in learning more about our timber frames? Call 800.636.0993!

modern timber frame studio