Goodbye rustic timber frame homes from days gone by and hello to 21st Century timber frames! That’s right, timber frames do not automatically imply a rustic home with too much wood that looks like it came out of the 1980s. Now that we are in the 21st century, the timber frame home is evolving and we are modernizing timber frame. The versatility of a timber frame lends itself to many different styles: modern to traditional to rustic. The possibilities are endless! Discover the ways timber framing can be modernized.

So what is a timber frame home? Timber frames are beautiful energy efficient homes that feature warm exposed wooden beams. Timbers can be used as the structural integrity of the home or they can be used as decorative accents to create a pop of wood. Often the beauty of the wood draws people into wanting to build a Davis Frame Home. Sounds nice, right?

But, we do sometimes receive prospects that like the idea of timber frame, but they think it’s too much wood and often perceive it to be maybe a little too rustic. Others, label a timber frame as a log home. However, we like to think of timber framing as a less rustic option and how much wood you add, is really up to you! 

In the marketplace, timber framing has earned its fame through its beautiful natural characteristics that are perfect only for countryside homes, mountain and rustic lakeside homes. Right? Well, that perception minwaxstainedtimberscouldn’t be any more wrong! Timber frame homes can be modern, traditional, luxurious, industrial, shabby chic and they can be rustic. We craft timber frames in the country, in urban areas, on a lake, and in the mountains. We can design and craft your home with an elaborate timber frame system or one that features minimal timbers and just accents. Want a more industrial look? We can supply you with glulaminated timber accents. Not sure you like the look of the natural wood? Stain your timbers black, gray, espresso, or whitewash (see photo to the right, showing sample Minwax stains). Accent with tongue and groove decking that is painted, stained or left natural. Don’t like the wood accent on the ceiling? Sheetrock is always an option! These ideas are good for modernizing timber frame. 

As you can see, there are many design options to consider when building a wooden home. We can help you design a home that is as modern as you would like or as rustic as you would like. We will get you started and your finishing touches will finish your home in just the style you want. Let us help you discover your style!

Check out a sample of the timber frame homes we’ve worked on up to date and offer a more modern timber frame look. Also check out our Modern Vermont Barn home, traditional with the frame, but the interior finishing adds a modern touch. 

Remember, 21st-century timber frame homes are not your grandfather’s log cabin! 

modernizing timber frame

We would love to learn more about your new home project and encourage you to call us at 800.636.0993 to brainstorm with you on your new home ideas! Whether you are looking for an elaborate timber frame, minimal timber frame or no timber frame, we can help! We hope you enjoyed our blog post on modernizing timber frame.