What We Craft – Timber Frame Homes, Barn Homes, and Panelized Homes

Here at Davis Frame, we offer complete weather tight shell kits for your new home, whether you are looking to build a timber frame home, post and beam home, barn home or conventional panelized home. We have a home package to meet different styles and budgets. Our packages include the structural shell, as well as windows, doors, siding, roofing and trim. 

Explore the different structural construction methods we offer. 


Timber Frame Homes

Discover the beauty of timber frame and post and beam homes. With warm exposed wooden beams and an open floor plan, timber frame homes offer not only beauty but flexibility.

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Barn Homes

Barn Homes have become extremely popular over the years with their timeless and classic designs, replicating old New England barns, capes, farmhouses and more. Explore the beauty of these simple yet beautiful timber frame barn home styles. 

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Panelized Homes

Are you looking to build a more conventional style home, but with speed in mind? Explore our panelized home options. We manufacture wall and roof panels, so that your on-site time and waste are drastically reduced. 

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Explore all of the prefab timber frame homes Davis Frame has to offer. Research timber framing options, wall construction methods, and different roofing options all in one place.  If you have questions about timber frame homes, or panelized homes, give us a call at  800-636-0993!

One Stop Shop Weather Tight Shell Package

Whether you’re looking to build a timber frame, post and beam or panelized home, we offer weather tight packages for every taste and style. Our packages not only include the structural framing, but also can include windows and doors as well as exterior finishes such as siding, roofing and trim. 

Discover our package options.

Discover the various structural package options that Davis Frame has to offer.  Our timber frame homes, panelized homes, post and beam homes, and prefab barn homes all come with a diverse selection of framing, wall, and roofing options.

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