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Panelized Homes FAQ’s



What is panelized construction?

Our standard panelized wall system consists of a 2×6 or 2×8 stud wall 16” o.c. with Advantech sheathing. For the roof, we supply prefabricated engineered dimensional roof truss system with Advantech roof sheathing.

We can also supply precut 2x “shipped loose” exterior walls and roof. This is a good option for those with tight jobsites or complicated projects.

Our panelized walls are unique in that we custom build them for each project. If you are looking for more insulation we can increase the thickness of the 2x lumber. We can also fabricate custom panel sizes and up to 20’ in length if requested.


Are your wall panels insulated?

Our stanard wall panels are shipped with no insulation. This allows for the electrical & mechanicals to be installed easier on site.

Upon request, we can have the wall panels insulated at our facilities.


Are your panels load bearing?



Will your panels meet engineering criteria?



Is there a way to create a high-performance home with your panels?

Yes, we will work with you during the design phase to determine the panel specifications needed to accommodate the R value you would like.


Do your panels come with drywall attached?

No, the inside of the panel is open; this allows the electrical & mechanicals to be easily installed.


Do your panels come with windows and exterior finishes installed?

The windows are not installed in our factory; however, the panels have rough openings so that the windows and exteriors doors can be installed quickly.

Exterior finishes are also installed on-site.


What are the wall heights of your panels?

We custom design our panels to fit the home design which typically dictates wall heights, etc.  That being said, the standard wall height would be 8’6” or shorter, so that they can be shipped without the need for over width permits and the additional costs that come with that. We can make panels up to 20’ but the shipping costs would be higher.


Do you have panelized installers?

Davis Frame does not build your home; however, we can suggest a panel installation crew or give you a list of builders we know in your area. We can also provide a technical assistant who will work with your general contractor to assemble the panels. Your general contractor or subcontractor builds the rest of your home.


How do my plans get completed?

We offer several design services. Choose from one of our options in working with us on your project:

  • Work directly with our in-house team of gifted and experienced designers.
  • Develop an architectural design with an independent architect and use our design department to develop the detailed framing plans for our panelized system.

In order to start the design process, a deposit and a signed Design Deposit Agreement is required. To find our more about this option, please contact us.


How long does it take to install the panels?

On average, it takes about 2 weeks; however, the size and complexity of the building, site constraints, and weather conditions can affect the amount of time it will take. The remainder of the construction process is the same as any conventional home and usually takes 9 to 12 months.



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