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Panelized vs. Stick


  • Factory controlled for optimal quality and precision
  • Straight plumb walls for easier finish work   
  • Accuracy down to 1/16”           
  • Accurate Structural Package cost   
  • No overages or mis-cuts
  • Reduced waste on-site 
  • Less carpenters needed to install     
  • 2-4 weeks to frame depending on size  
  • Less weather delays due to faster install     



  • Exposed to weather elements, potentially diminishing quality
  • Not always square
  • Hard to achieve 1/16” accuracy
  • Varying costs and potential back charges
  • Overage and mis-cuts
  • Site waste
  • Labor shortages making it a challenge to find builders
  • 2 months to frame depending on size
  • More prone to weather delays delaying framing further



Source: Structural Building Components Association

**The numbers are an industry average, depending on size and complexity of the project, the data could vary.


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