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Rent in the City and Buy or Build Your Home in the Country!

Several years ago, one of our employees was living the life of hustle and bustle in New York City. He and his wife were exploring buying their first home, especially since they had a new baby. Quickly, they came to realize how expensive a NYC apartment was and shifted gears and explored buying a second home in the country. To buy an apartment in the city, it was going to cost them triple the amount it would cost them to by a weekend home in the country, and, did they really want to spend their life savings on an expensive piece of real estate in the city? Especially, when really, their heart was in the country? They knew they would relocate sometime in the future. So, what is one to do?

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Understanding HERS Rating for New Home

In your research and planning of building a house, you may have heard of a HERS rating developed by RESNET. What exactly is a HERS rating? It’s an industry standard that reviews and rates the energy efficiency of your home. It compares your home’s energy performance to others and gives you a score. A HERS rating ranges from 150 (being the worse) down to zero (net zero, the best).

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Budgeting a Timber Frame Home (and a Free Budget Sheet Download!)

The most popular question we receive at Davis Timber Frame is, “How much is a timber frame home?” It’s hard for us to say because there are many things that go into budgeting a timber frame home. We can give you an idea of what our package will cost, but the remaining two thirds are unknown and out of our control. We like to relate cost to the scenario of, what is in a bag of groceries? Does your bag contain ramen noodles or lobster? How much a home will cost is very similar. Everyone has different style, tastes and budgets, which all reflect on what the overall cost to build a timber frame home.

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Modernizing Timber Frame

Goodbye rustic timber frame homes from days gone by and hello to 21st Century timber frames! That’s right, timber frames do not automatically imply a rustic home that is dressed in too much wood that looks like it came out of the 1980’s. Now that we are in the 21st century, the timber frame home is evolving and becoming modernized. The versatility of a timber frame lends itself to many different styles: modern to traditional to rustic. The possibilites are endless! Discover the ways timber framing can be modernized.

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