You don’t have to build a big house to experience the beauty of a timber frame. Timber frame structures come in all shapes and sizes! We specialize in helping our clients design and build small unique timber frame spaces. Over the years we’ve worked with clients on timber frame studios, guest houses, timber frame pool houses, and small entertaining spaces. Discover our small unique timber frame spaces!

small timber frame studio

Fall in love with this beautifully designed timber frame studio in the hills of Vermont! The studio was designed to capture the 100-mile northwestern long views. The interior is open featuring exposed wooden beams, a wall of windows and beautiful lighting fixtures. This modern timber frame studio is a perfect design for many things, whether you want it to be an office like our client chose or you could create an artist studio or cabin for weekend getaways! 

timber frame pool house

Back in 2010, our clients built their dream timber frame home in the countryside of Vermont. A couple of years after, they added a pool to the property. With a gorgeous pool located away from the house, they added a timber frame pool house, equipped with sitting space to get away from the sun and a minibar and bathroom. This is the perfect summer entertaining space!

timber frame japanese house pavilion

This Japanese-style Tea House was built nestled into the surrounding hills of Vermont. Next to a peaceful pond, the tea house pavilion is used to create an idyllic and welcoming feeling for the owner and guests. The tea house features removable glass so that screens can be put in during the summer months to bring the outdoors in. Check out the timber frame tea house floor plans!

classic studio timber frame

Definitions of ‘studio’ include an artist’s or musician’s workspace, a photographer’s establishment or small home or an apartment with a living space, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The Classic Studio can be these and more, providing ample living area for a summer vacation home, guest house or an outbuilding to a larger home. This original timber frame studio was designed to be a weekend getaway. 

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