There is nothing quite as rewarding for a timber frame company to build a solar timber frame home. Davis Frame Company, along with our partners, was more than happy to take on this challenge presented by one of our clients.


The timber frame home was designed by our in house design team. With a thick portfolio of building our timber frame homes, builder Dave Dutton, from Dutton Construction, Killington, VT, served as the timber frame assembler and builder.

This 3014 square foot modified Salt Box home, located on 80 acres in Central Vermont, incorporated the following into the design and plan:

  • Passive Solar in design taking advantage of south facing lot to receive maximum sun exposure for the winter months.
  • Douglas Fir timbers (from a managed forest, FSC certified)
  • Principal Common Rafter timber frame system.
  • Insulated with Structural Insulated Panels (R-26 walls; R-40 ceiling)
  • Loewen windows for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Rogue Valley doors.
  • Trim is inland cedar by Potlatch which is FSC certified cedar.
  • Use of solar panels.
  • Geothermal heat pump.
  • Grid-tied photovoltaics.
  • Masonry stove (used to store heat) – Tulikivi.
  • Use of Energy Star appliances.
  • Uses minimum to none VOC paints.
  • Uses compact florescent bulbs (CFB) which are proven to be the most energy efficient.

Davis Frame and our partners designed this dream timber frame home and with green building techniques that served to to exceed passive solar design and energy efficiency standards. The home owner was concerned with green elements and designed his home in such a way to be self-sufficient and completely off the grid.

If you have any additional questions on this timber frame project or would like to learn more about building your green timber frame home or building, please feel to contact Davis Frame Company today!