Our shop guys have been working hard on a special project for a new conventional home being built in Vermont. The homeowner’s wanted to grace their 25’X30′ great room with timber frame accents. Three beautiful timber frame trusses were designed by the homeowner’s architect and our in-house design team. Adding timber frame accents to any new or existing home can add warmth and create the comfort of a timber frame home without it being full of timbers.


The trusses were handcrafted and assembled in our shop. For aesthetics, the trusses feature an inch and a quarter steel rod on the bottom of the truss. With the trusses being pre-timber frame accents conventional homeassembled in the shop, we can control the fit of the joinery and ensure a tight fit. Also, this cuts down on time on the jobsite for the builder. Davis Frame also provided timber frame accent pieces for the new home’s porch.

Here at Davis Frame if we’re not cutting timbers for timber frame homes, we’re cutting timber for additions, timber frame hybrids, timber frame accents, timber frame porches, timber frame stairs and other special timber frame projects!

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