We provide our customers with many timber frame options from full timber frame packages to timber frame accents including porches, timber frame trusses and wooden brackets for their homes. Most of our packages are full and hybrid timber frame packages, however, we work with many homeowners who want to add a touch of timber framing to their new or existing home.

Below are ways you can add timber framing:

Timber Frame Truss Accents

Last year, we worked with two different clients in a ski area in Vermont who were building conventional homes. Both clients decided to add timber frame accents to their great rooms as well as timber frame brackets to the exterior to achieve a mountain home look. Adding timber frame truss accents to a conventional home adds warmth, charm and can give the home a the the timber frame ambiance without having to add timber framing to every room.

Timber Frame Porches

Adding a timber frame porch to your home is a great way to achieve a unique look. Many of our clients add an entry porch or wrap around timber frame porch for a wowing impression. I personally love a wraparound porch; it is a great place to enjoy the outdoors!

Timber Frame Wood Brackets

Timber frame wooden brackets are typically added underneath the roof overhangs of your home. Whether you are building a timber frame or conventional home, adding wooden brackets will give your home a unique look!

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