Dreaming of a timber frame barn? There is nothing as charming as a big old red barn, especially a timber frame barn. All throughout New England, you will find older country houses in small rural towns that feature traditional New England style barns often framed with timber construction. There is a sense of comfort seeing a big old barn, perhaps it’s a nostalgia thing, especially if you grew up in New Hampshire or Vermont.

Traditional New England style barns were most common during the 19th century, although they were being built in the mid-1800s. Although you can find barns all over the country, they are most profoundly found in the Northeast. Most barns were used to house livestock and sometimes to store farm equipment. The loft area would often hold bales of hay. Common features on a New England style barn are gabled roofs, sliding doors or large outswing doors and sometimes cupolas for ventilation and light.  Although you can find some gambrel roof barns (also known as Dutch barns) in New England, they are not as common as a gabled barn. Gambrel barns were often found in New York and New Jersey during the 18th century, though it’s hard to find these originals still standing today. Other types of barn styles you may find are English barns which is a barn with an eave entry rather than a gabled entry and often had no windows and were one story. Bank barns are another style of a barn that is typically built into a hillside and features two separate levels at ground level for accessibility. 

If you tour some old barns from days gone by, you may find a mixture of timber construction and conventional. Many old barns still standing built 100 + years ago are still standing. Some of these barns may even appear to be falling apart, but somehow they never do and stand the test of time. It must be that good old Yankee style construction from our forefathers. 

Now, it’s hard to find a property that hosts a nice old barn. We are well versed in designing and crafting new barns for our clients. Whether you are looking for a traditional New England style barn, a gambrel barn or a bank barn, we can provide a beautiful timber frame for your new barn that will feel like it is from the days gone by. Often our barns feature pine or hemlock for the timber frame, to help keep the rustic feeling and nostalgia of a barn.

PS: Do you wonder why barns were often painted red? According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the early farmers did not paint their barns, but over time to protect the wood from the natural elements, they would create their own paint mixture which would contain red iron. 

Check out a sample portfolio of timber frame barns we’ve worked on over the years. 


Gorgeous traditional style New England timber frame barn built in the rolling hills of Vermont. The wood species is Hemlock, which is commonly used in barns. 

wedding barn in vermont

Beautiful wedding barn set in picturesque Vermont! Discover the beauty of a timber frame barn, a perfect place to host a wedding or function.

modern timber frame barn

Modern designed timber frame barn featuring a modern window design to enhance the look. 

timber frame barn and garage in new hampshire

Discover the beauty of this timber frame barn! Davis Frame supplied the structural frame. The barn features 3 bays, a loft above and guest quarters. 

collectors timber frame barn

Timber frame barn designed and crafted to host vintage John Deere tractors on the main level and a man cave on the second floor!

monitor timber frame barn and carriage house

Although we didn’t cover monitor barns, we wanted to share this monitor style timber frame barn and carriage house offer garage space on the ground level and a one-bedroom apartment on the second level. 

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