Signature Timber Frame

Classic Barn Homes

Discover our Classic Barn Homes series, a pre-designed line of timber frame barn-style homes inspired by the beauty and tradition of classic New England barns, homesteads, farmhouses, and colonial structures. Davis Frame has created more than two dozen uniquely crafted timber frame barn home models designed to suit every lifestyle and budget.


Designing Your Classic Barn Home

While you can choose to have your Classic Barn Home built exactly according to the established plan, there are several ways to make architectural modifications without dramatically impacting the costs often associated with fully customized home designs.


Maintaining the original structural footprint is important to contain costs. Below are popular ways to customize a design that doesn’t impact the pre-designed house frame:

  • Interior floor plans changes
  • Shed or gable dormers on the second floor to extend the usable floor space
  • Exposed, covered, or three-season porch
  • Attached or stand-alone garages for vehicles and equipment
  • Cupolas for extra light and architectural charm

Interested in more elaborate alterations? You might be ready to consider a fully customized design.


Why Choose a Classic Barn Home?

Our predesigned barn home floor plans are simple and efficient designs that are also flexible enough to meet your precise specifications.

In short, our Classic Barn Homes series delivers:

  • Shortened design phase
  • Simple and clean lines, reducing costs
  • Fast on-site installation

We are committed to making timeless homes through a simplified design phase and an efficient building phase. Let Davis Frame Company build the beautiful, functional, traditional barn home you and your family will call home for generations.