Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Davis Frame home cost to build?

Regarding cost, our structural timber frame packages generally price out in the $120- $150 per ft² range with panelized packages at $75- $110 per sq. ft. The overall finished cost of a Davis Frame custom home is generally $350 to $450+ per sq. ft. to finish, not including land or site work. Your final cost to build will vary depending on the location of the project, complexity of the design, and the price point of your interior finishes. In addition to this starting package you’ll want to budget for your chosen contractor, site prep/foundation, permits, interior design, etc.


Typically, our structural shell packages include the following components per plan:

  • Structural Timber Frame
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Davis Frame Company 2×6 Framed panels (typically with ZIP R-6 Sheathing)
  • Windows & Patio Doors (Marvin, Andersen, or Pella)
  • Exterior Siding & Trim
  • Interior Tongue & Groove Ceiling Finishes


The design process requires a $4500 design fee which will ultimately be applied as a payment toward the shell package. Under this ‘Preliminary design and pricing agreement’ we would develop a custom set of preliminary plans and be able to provide an accurate estimate of the proposed structural shell package.

How do my plans get completed?

Davis Frame Company offers several design services. Choose from one of these options in working with us on your project:

  • Work directly with our in-house team of gifted and experienced designers.
  • Use our in-house architectural design department and work with our standard designs to develop architectural drawings.
  • Develop an architectural design with an independent architect and then use our design department to develop the structural drawings.

Our design agreement requires an initial deposit. All design and drafting time by our designers time is billed at an hourly rate.

Please note, all Davis Frame floor plans are copyrighted and are not for sale. Our plans are to only be used for clients when a structural shell package is purchased.

Do I need an architect to design my home?

An architect is not necessary to design your new home. At Davis Frame Company, we offer design services and can work with you to develop a construction set of drawings that will include floor plans, elevations, cross-section details, and also include how the structure will go together. Architects are a good choice for those that have complex design ideas and for those who are looking for a more complete set of plans that may include interior elevations, mechanical details, etc. If an engineering stamp is required, we work closely with our network of engineers to stamp our customers plans.

How long does it take from the start of design until delivery of my Davis Frame home?

Currently, expect the design phase to last from 2-5 months and production phase to last 4-7 months, so overall lead time from beginning the design to delivering the package is in the 6- 12 month range. Complexity of design, and number of changes required in the process of refining the design will also factor into the time.

When your design is complete, it generally takes eight weeks to cut and deliver your structural package. Production lead time also depends on how busy our schedule is. During the prime building months (May-November) our lead times can be greater than 8 weeks.

Can I adapt a timber frame or panelized construction to an existing floor plan?

Timber framing and panelized construction are very adaptable to different architectural styles. Many of our prospects like an existing plan, but wish to change a few things to meet their specific needs. We are careful not to reproduce any copyrighted plans from other companies, and work with you to use your plan as a starting point to develop a custom home that is uniquely yours.

What can Davis Frame Company provide?

We provide custom-designed or pre-designed plans that include elevations, cross-section details, floor plans, foundation plans, framing plans for the timber frame, and plans for the non-timber frame areas of construction.

We also provide the structural package for your new home, see below what we include for each home style:

How long does it take to produce a Davis Frame structural package?

On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks to install our structural systems-built packages. However, the size and complexity of the building, site constraints, and weather can affect the time it will take. The remainder of the construction process is the same as any conventional home and usually takes 6 to 12 months.

Does Davis Frame Company build my home?

Davis Frame Company will design and manufacture your timber frame or panelized home and will provide you with a structural shell package. However, we do not build our clients’ homes. We can suggest independent frame and panel installation crews or we can provide a technical assistant who will work with your general contractor to assemble the frame and panels to our exacting specifications. Your general contractor or subcontractor will then build the rest of your home.

Do I need a builder who is familiar with systems-built construction?

While it may be helpful to have a builder that is knowledgeable about systems-built construction (timber frame and panelized), it is not necessary. Any good builder can put our homes together. If you hire a builder that would like assistance, we can offer a Technical Advisor to come on site to guide and work with your builder on the erection of our structural package. We can also provide you with names of independent timber frame and panelized crews that may service your area and can work as a sub for your builder.

What are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)?

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) feature some of the highest R values on the market today. SIPs have minimal thermal bridging, decreasing air leaks and creating a tight structure. What are SIPs made of? Basically, a SIP is like an ice cream sandwich. There is a foam core that is sandwiched between two orient strand boards. R values range anywhere from R16-R52+. SIPs are most commonly used with timber frame and post and beam construction.

What is the difference between timber frame and post and beam?

Timber frame home construction consists of posts that span unbroken from sill to eave or ridge and are erected in walls and bents. (Bents run perpendicular to the ridge of the roof, while walls run parallel to the ridge). Timber framing consists of traditional wooden joinery, also known as mortise and tenon and are secured by wooden pegs. Post and beam home construction is a framework based solely on vertical and horizontal pieces: the posts and the beams. Post and beam homes are constructed in layers, with each floor built independently from the others. Typically, the posts and the beams are joined together by metal brackets.

What is a hybrid timber frame home?

A hybrid timber frame home incorporates timber frame and conventional framing techniques. We often design a hybrid home where the center section of the home would feature timber framing and the wings are often conventionally framed. Many homeowners choose this as a cost saving technique and also because some people just want a portion of their home timber framed. Check out our hybrid timber frame homes page for more information.

How do you run electrical wiring (or mechanicals) in a timber frame home?

The wiring along the exterior walls can happen in a few different ways; one option we like is to hold the drywall up off the sub-floor about 3 inches so wires can be run behind the baseboard. The same idea can be used and a built out baseboard or modular baseboard that is removable can be used to run wires and install outlets in. Additional wiring can be run in the first floor framing (in the basement) and brought up into the walls only at needed locations. All other areas of the timber frame home are wired the same as a conventionally framed home, usually in interior partition walls. This is also something we are able to work with you and your contractors both in the design phase and later on when construction is happening.

How does financing work for a Davis Frame home work?

Financing a timber frame or panelized home is just like financing any other home through a construction loan. Many homeowners choose to use their own local financial institutions and have no problem obtaining financing.

What is the next step?

If you have plans or drawings and would like an estimate on your project, email [email protected]. If you need design services, call our toll-free number 1-800-636-0993 to set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and project specifications.