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Discover Timber Frame Homes by Davis Frame Company

Timber frame homes are built using a time-honored construction method, resulting in distinctive architectural designs. At Davis Frame Company, our beautifully designed and crafted homes combine these old-world construction methods with advanced techniques. We provide a wide breadth of uniquely enchanting designs that pay homage to this centuries-old craft of home building. We have crafted many timber frame homes that can be found all over the U.S.

Timber Frame History

Timber framing uses wooden joinery and pegged connections to create the structural framework of a home. This style of construction was around for centuries and was common until the mid-1800s. At that time the timber frame method of construction was considered time-consuming and expensive and was largely phased out in exchange for mass produced construction method.

Today, advances in technology have made the process of designing, fabricating, and installing a timber frame home simpler and more efficient, leading to a timber framing revival in home design and construction. Technology today allows us to build timber frames with precision, without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

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The 3 Things that Make Timber Frame Homes Different


Construction Method

A timber frame home offers a vastly different type of construction when compared to conventional construction. The structural components are made up of chunky timbers that are crafted to create a durable structure that also offers a unique look exposed beams fastened with wooden joinery.

Off-Site Fabrication

Timber frame homes are generally prefabricated off site in a controlled environment. All the cutting and test fitting is done in a factory setting so that the structural frame can be installed on site quickly and with minimal waste. Not only is it a quicker way to build, but it also offers a distinct look on the interior.

Unique Look

The exposed beams in the interior of the home offer an organic detail that is unexpected and charming. The structure of the home becomes a sculptural element adding character and a sense of history that is distinct and refined, allowing homeowners to reconnect with a more defined style of architecture steeped in the craft’s beauty.

Difference Between Timber Frame and Post and Beam

As you research timber frame homes, you may also come across the term “post and beam home.” Timber frame and post and beam are often used interchangeably, however there are some differences in the way each are constructed.

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Timber Frame Home Construction

The timber frame construction method uses posts erected from walls and bents, spanning from sill to eave or ridge. The bents run perpendicular to the ridge of the roof, while walls run parallel to the ridge. Wooden pegs secure the mortise and tenon joinery of timber framing without the need for exposed metal connections.

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Post and Beam Home Construction

The post and beam framework is based solely on vertical and horizontal pieces that are not fit together, but instead are either butted up to one another or sit atop one another. Post and beam homes are constructed in layers so that each floor is built independently, and posts and beams are joined using metal brackets rather than wooden pegs.

What Makes Timber Frame Designs Unique?


Versatile Timber Frame Open Concept Designs

One of the most attractive results of timber framing is stunning, light-filled open spaces. That’s because timber frames are self-supporting, providing ample opportunity to create large open areas free of interior load-bearing walls. Timber frame homes are known for their exceptional great rooms, offering vast living spaces with imposing fireplaces, exposed beams, and towering cathedral ceilings.

With Davis Frame designs, you can create open living spaces throughout your home. Our timber frame floor plans allow for views and natural light from all corners of your home, with self-supporting walls easily accommodating larger windows and doors, particularly desirable when views are what you are after!

Traditional and Modern Timber Frame Designs

Whether you like traditional architecture or a cleaner more modern design, timber frame construction can be incorporated with any architectural style. Most people associate timber framing with rustic design, which is not necessarily accurate. You can easily achieve a modern timber frame home through design, stained timbers and material selection.

We also offer hybrid homes, featuring partial timber framing in the center section of the home while the wings are conventionally framed. A hybrid timber frame home is a great option for those who just want a hint of timber frame. The design possibilities are endless!


Why Choose a Timber Frame Home?

At Davis Frame Company, our main objective is to provide beautifully designed and expertly constructed dream homes for our customers. Our timber frame method offers a long list of benefits, including:



Timber frame is one of the most durable forms of construction, creating long-lasting, solid structures. With large exposed wooden beams joined together with mortise and tenon joinery and secured with wooden pegs, it creates a long-lasting and solid structure.

On-site Benefits

Depending on the size and complexity of the design, timber framing allows for faster on-site construction. The installation of a new timber frame could be anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) installation adds another week or two. 


Timber frame homes are appraised at higher market value. They offer many features that appeal to today’s home buyer, including unique beauty, craftsmanship, and superior energy efficiency. That gives you an edge on the real estate market when selling.


In many cases, timber frame construction uses less wood than stud-wall structures creating a lower carbon footprint. Timbers are harvested from sustainable forests in the eastern and western United States. The building process produces far less waste, reducing demand on local landfill sites. 

Energy Efficiency

Timber frame homes are extremely energy efficient and typically wrapped with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) to provide a tight thermal envelope with virtually no drafts or cold spots. We also offer additional products to enhance the home’s energy efficiency, such as windows and doors. 

Design Flexibility

Timber frame floor plans allow for tremendous flexibility, enabling you to create the one-of-a-kind spaces you desire. Most architectural styles are suitable to timber frame construction, including traditional homes, modern homes, barn homes, and more.

The many existing timber wood structures standing today have existed for hundreds of years, a true testament to the effectiveness of this age-old craft. Davis Frame Company combines traditional, time-tested timber framing techniques with modern technology for precision design and unsurpassable durability. Your timber frame home will be beautifully constructed to last for generations. If you would like more information on timber frame options click the button below.