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Discover the Beauty of Old World Craftsmanship with a Timber Frame Home by Davis Frame Co.

Building a new timber fame home with warm exposed wooden beams will give you warmth and a unique look second to none. As you research wood homes, you may also become familiar with the terms post and beam and barn home while you are researching. So what is the difference and how does Davis Frame construct their timber frame homes? Read below for more about the different framing techniques and which approach Davis Frame uses.

Timber Frame Homes

Here at Davis Frame Company, we design and craft beautiful timber frame homes. Not only is timber framing the structural component for your new home, but beautiful exposed wooden beams are featured giving your home a unique look. Whether you are looking for a rustic, traditional, craftsman or modern timber frame home, we can help you design the home of your dreams. 

Timber Frame Home – Construction Technique

Timber frame home construction consists of posts that span unbroken from sill to eave or ridge and are erected in walls and bents. (Bents run perpendicular to the ridge of the roof, while walls run parallel to the ridge). Timber framing consists of traditional wooden joinery, also known as mortise and tenon and are secured by wooden pegs. Refer to the photos below featured for an examples of traditional timber framing.

Davis Frame's Timber Frame Homes are hand crafted to meet your specifications. Construction is easy, as the posts and beams are all prefabricated for easy assembly. Our timber frame homes are not only securely constructed, but the exposed wooden beams add a distinct beauty to the interior of the home.
Our post and beam construction method is traditional and elegant. Timber frame homes are assembled using wooden pegs for security and a seamless finished product. Explore or post and beam timber frame options today!
Here you can see the process of constructing one of our timber frame homes. The post and beam method dates back many years, but is still as efficient and beautiful as ever. The timber framing process is usually very quick, and is always a sturdy final product.


Post and Beam Homes

Post and Beam Home – Construction Technique

Post and beam home construction is a framework based solely on vertical and horizontal pieces: the posts and the beams. Post and beam homes are constructed in layers, with each floor built independently from the others. Typically, the posts and the beams are joined together by metal brackets.

The Davis Frame Construction Approach

While the terms “timber frame” and “post and beam” are interchangeably used by consumers and by those in the wood home industry, due to the similar looking end-product, the construction does differ.

Here at Davis Timber Frame, our craftsmen build frames using traditional timber framing techniques such as mortise and tenon joinery, resulting in a durable and time tested way to build developed by our forefathers. With the combination of traditional timber framing construction and modern technology, our homes provide you with an incredibly high performing timber frame home that is designed to last for generations.


Explore all of the prefab timber frame homes Davis Frame has to offer. Research timber framing options, wall construction methods, and different roofing options all in one place.  If you have questions about timber frame homes, or panelized homes, give us a call at  800-636-0993!

One Stop Shop Weather Tight Shell Package

Whether you’re looking to build a timber frame, post and beam or panelized home, we offer weather tight packages for every taste and style. Our packages not only include the structural framing, but also can include windows and doors as well as exterior finishes such as siding, roofing and trim. 

Discover our package options.

Discover the various structural package options that Davis Frame has to offer.  Our timber frame homes, panelized homes, post and beam homes, and prefab barn homes all come with a diverse selection of framing, wall, and roofing options.