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The Future of Building-Panelized Homes by Davis Frame Co.

Several years ago, we saw a demand for prefab conventional homes that were not a timber frame home or a modular home, but a high-quality prefabricated structure that can be built faster and more efficiently than a conventional stick-built home.

To meet this demand, we developed our panelized wall and pre-cut roof system that allows homeowners and builders to build a quality new custom home faster and more energy-efficiently when compared to conventional building methods. Our panelized system works well as a stand-alone structure or can offer an alternative to traditional SIPS and be incorporated with our timber frames.

Our panelized building system can only be shipped to building locations in the Northeast of the United States. 

Why Use Panelized Over Other Building Methods?

By using our panelized system, we can pre-assemble wall panels in a controlled environment to provide you with a weather tight shell package for your new home. We design each home in our 3D CAD program that allows us to plan out all aspects of the structure before arriving on your site. By using our computerized drafting and manufacturing equipment, we can guarantee quality and accurate assemblies the first time.

Our process takes a “builder’s eye view” of the project and rehearses the assembly in a digital space by completing the routine steps that are an integral part of every job. We complete all the time consuming and error-prone tasks in the much more cost-effective digital space. This approach identifies and resolves any potential problem areas or unforeseen design situations ultimately saving time, money, and frustration in the field.   

Our insulted prefabricated walls are easily assembled on-site in a matter of hours. Davis Frame's custom panelized homes will save you money on construction labor costs, material costs, and heating costs. Different from traditional timber frame homes, these panelized homes are assembled very quickly to avoid weather delays.
Our talented design team custom-tailors each panelized home to meet the clients budget, land restrictions, and schedule. All pre-insulated walls and roofs are prefabricated off-site to ensure a speedy construction process.
Our prefabricated panelized homes are models of efficiency and modernity. Our panelized homes are built faster and more efficiently than traditional timber frame construction methods. Call us today at 800-636-0993 to learn more!

Panelized Building Benefits:

  • Premium building materials used to ensure a high quality system
  • A faster and more efficient way to construct your new home
  • Flexible design options allowing us to create a design tailored to your needs
  • Less waste than traditional building methods

Panelized doesn’t mean your home has to be built in a box; all of our panelized homes are designed to suit our client’s lifestyle, land and budget! Our talented design staff is ready to develop your new custom home, so call us today at 1-800-636-0993!



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Whether you’re looking to build a timber frame, post and beam or panelized home, we offer weather tight packages for every taste and style. Our packages not only include the structural framing, but also can include windows and doors as well as exterior finishes such as siding, roofing and trim. 

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