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​The Future of Building: Systems-Built Homes in New England by Davis Frame Co.

Several years ago, we saw a demand for systems-built homes in the Northeast that were not a timber frame home or a modular home, but a high-quality prefabricated structure that can be built faster and more efficiently than a conventional stick-built home. 

To meet this demand, we developed our panelized wall and pre-cut roof system that allows homeowners and builders in the Northeastern region of the U.S. build a quality new home faster when compared to conventional building methods. Our panelized wall system works well as a stand-alone structure or can offer an alternative to traditional SIPS and be incorporated with our timber frames.

Please note, our panelized wall system can only be shipped to NH, VT, ME, MA, CT, NY, NJ and PA.

​Why Use Systems-Built Construction Over Other Building Methods?

By using our systems-built products, we can pre-assemble wall panels in a controlled environment to provide you with a weather tight shell package for your new home. We design each home in our 3D CAD program that allows us to plan out all aspects of the structure before arriving on your site. By using our computerized drafting and manufacturing equipment, we can guarantee quality and accurate assemblies the first time.

Our process takes a “builder’s eye view” of the project and rehearses the assembly in a digital space by completing the routine steps that are an integral part of every job. We complete all the time consuming and error-prone tasks in the much more cost-effective digital space. This approach identifies and resolves any potential problem areas or unforeseen design situations ultimately saving time, money, and frustration in the field.   

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Difference Between Panelized and Conventional Framing

As you research new home construction,  you will come across systems-built construction methods and traditional on-site conventional framing. Discover the difference.

panelized construction

Systems-Built “Panelized”

  • Factory controlled for optimal quality and precision
  • Straight plumb walls for easier finish work   
  • Accuracy down to 1/16”           
  • Accurate Structural Package cost   
  • No overages or mis-cuts
  • Reduced waste on-site 
  • Less carpenters needed to install     
  • 2-4 weeks to frame depending on size  
  • Less weather delays due to faster install  

stick frame construction

Conventional Framing “Stick”

  • Exposed to weather elements, potentially diminishing quality
  • Not always square
  • Hard to achieve 1/16” accuracy
  • Varying costs and potential back charges
  • Overage and mis-cuts
  • Site waste
  • Labor shortages making it a challenge to find builders
  • 2 months to frame depending on size
  • More prone to weather delays delaying framing further