Memories Made At A Lake Last a Lifetime

I came across a quote recently that I could totally relate to looking back at my summers as a kid, “Memories made at a lake last a lifetime.” If you’ve spent summers by a lake or by the ocean, you know exactly what I mean. As a child, my family would spend every weekend at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire. We spent our summer days packing the cooler with grinders and drinks and spending a day on the lake with family and friends. Along with boating, we enjoyed water skiing, tubing, fishing, and visiting the harbor. Our day always ended with a good night’s rest after a fun-filled day in the sun. There is something special and calming about being near water and enjoying all the activities that come with it. Those days by the lake have stopped, but I still crave spending time by a lake, especially now that I have my own kids.

Davis Frame Lakeside Homes

Having worked here at Davis Frame over the past decade, we’ve worked with many families on their lake homes. I’d say nearly half of the homes we’ve designed and crafted have been for a family vacation home. A good chunk of them being by a lake. A timber frame home is a popular choice for a lakeside home. Timber frames offer charismatic charm with beautiful, warm, exposed wooden beams.

Last Fall, we worked with one of our clients where the entire family was involved in the design and build of their new family legacy home. They rebuilt their family camp as their old camp was over 100 years old and was slowly falling apart. The old cottage was actually built by the current generation’s great grandfather over 100 years ago. They built a timber frame for its rustic charm and because it will stand the test of time. Without a doubt, their family property will pass down for many more generations to come, just as it has passed down to the current generation.

Looking to build your own family vacation home or legacy home? Check out a few of the lake homes we’ve worked on over the years.

Lakeside Timber Frame Homes

Custom Adirondack timber frame legacy home

Panelized home with timber frame sunroom on a quaint lake in New Hampshire

Lake Sunapee timber frame home

Gorgeous Lake Ontario timber frame home

Finally, it’s not always the material items you will remember when you get older. It’s the memories and good times that will stay with you. At Davis Frame, we enjoy helping our clients design and build their legacy homes that will create new memories and hopefully for generations to come. Want to learn more about our timber frame and panelized homes? Call us today at 800.636.0993 to talk about your new family home.