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Since 1987, Davis Frame Company has been designing and crafting some of the finest high-performance homes in the industry, including timber frames, post and beampanelized and barn homes

By combining the art of traditional timber framing with modern technology and high quality building materials, we produce beautiful, energy-efficient homes of unparalleled warmth and charm that will last for generations. If the timber frame homes of long ago lasted well over a century without technological breakthroughs, just imagine how long our homes will last.

What does Davis Frame offer? We can assist you in the design of your new home to provide you with a complete weathertight shell package.

Timber Frame Blog Updates


Insulation Options for Your New Home

Whether you are renovating your existing home or looking to build new, one of the biggest decisions that you will make is how to insulate. For years, many in the industry have used the classic fiberglass insulation, however, there are a lot more insulation options to consider. Today we thought we would cover the most popular options on the market today!

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Landscaping Ideas for Your New Home

With Spring finally here and summer on it's way, now is the time to tend to your garden and landscaping! Today, we thought we would share some landscaping ideas, perfect for your new home's landscape or perhaps you are redoing your current landscape design. How you landscape the grounds of your home can make a huge visual impact of the home's curb appeal. The best way to landscape your home is to find what works well for your region and your soil.  Also, landscaping isn't only about choosing plants and flowers, but also think about your patio, decks, walkways, etc. 

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The Barn Home Rage

We've covered barn home living before, but thought we would cover it again, because, well, barn homes are extremely popular! So what is all the rage with living in a barn style home? Read on. 

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