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Since 1987, Davis Frame Company has been designing and crafting some of the finest high-performance homes in the industry, including timber frames, post and beampanelized and barn homes

By combining the art of traditional timber framing with modern technology and high quality building materials, we produce beautiful, energy-efficient homes of unparalleled warmth and charm that will last for generations. If the timber frame homes of long ago lasted well over a century without technological breakthroughs, just imagine how long our homes will last.

What does Davis Frame offer? We can assist you in the design of your new home to provide you with a complete weathertight shell package.

Timber Frame Blog Updates


New Home Building Solution

Are you looking to build a new home? Over the last three decades, we have been best known for crafting beautiful timber frames, but our business continues to evolve and we include much more than just the timber frame itself. Besides crafting timber frames, we also build prefabricated 2x wall and roof panels in our shop, so that a home can be conventionally built, but much quicker on site (less waste too!). Our goal is to offer all homeowner's looking to build a new home a building option that meets their needs and budget. We also strive to offer high quality and high performance material package options. 

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2016 New Home Design Trends

Now that 2016 is upon us, many homeowners that are planning to build a new home want to know what are the latest trends in new home construction. Read our article on the top trends we are seeing for many of our client's projects!


Cozy Timber Frames, An Alternative to Log Homes

Over the years, log homes have been romanticized and very popular, and we can see why! The coziness of a log home brings comfort and character to a home. Log homes are often the first option that come to mind when seeking to build a wood home. Underdiscovered and equally charming as a log home, Timber Frame and Post and Beam homes offer a similar warmth and charm, though are not as well known to the public. 

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