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For over 25 years, Davis Frame Company has been designing and crafting some of the finest high-performance homes in the industry, including timber frames, panelized and barn homes

By combining the art of traditional timber framing with modern technology and high quality building materials, we produce beautiful, energy-efficient homes of unparalleled warmth and charm that will last for generations. If the timber frame homes of long ago lasted well over a century without technological breakthroughs, just imagine how long our homes will last.

What does Davis Frame offer? We can assist you in the design of your new home to provide you with a complete weathertight shell package.

Timber Frame Blog Updates

timber frame barn in vermont

Beautiful Timber Frame Barn in Vermont

History of Barns: Barn raisings were very popular during the 18th and 19th centuries and typically all "able" men would gather together to assist with the building of a barn. In fact, a barn raising didn't just include the men, but also the women, who would be hard at work preparing the food for the crew. The children would stand by and often fetch the necessary tools for the crew. Although barns are rarely built this way anymore, you can still get the feel of a good old fashion barn going up by attending a timber frame raising!

small vermont post and beam home

Small Timber Frame Homes Are Beautiful!

On our website, you will find many beautifully built timber frame homes, but many featured are 2,000 square feet plus. We often hear from clients wondering if we design and fabricate small timber frame packages and the answer is yes! We can design your timber frame home to be whatever size you would like, whether it be a 400 square foot cabin or an 8,000 timber frame retreat. 

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