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For over 25 years, Davis Frame Company has been designing and crafting some of the finest high-performance homes in the industry, including timber frames, panelized and barn homes

By combining the art of traditional timber framing with modern technology and high quality building materials, we produce beautiful, energy-efficient homes of unparalleled warmth and charm that will last for generations. If the timber frame homes of long ago lasted well over a century without technological breakthroughs, just imagine how long our homes will last.

What does Davis Frame offer? We can assist you in the design of your new home to provide you with a complete weathertight shell package.

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Benefits of Building a Timber Frame Home

Timber framing is one of the most durable forms of construction. With large exposed wooden beams joined together with mortise and tenon joinery, it creates a long lasting and solid structure. Timber framing is not a new type of construction, in fact it is an ancient craft that was used hundreds of years ago in Europe and Asia. Several timber frame structures can still be found standing today that are hundreds of years old. 

Lakeside prefab home in New Hampshire

Gorgeous New Hampshire Lakeside Home

We recently hosted a photo shoot at our client's lakeside New Hampshire home. This beautiful home was built using our Energy Smart Panels, a prefabricated panelized wall and roof system that enables a home to be built much quicker when compared to conventional construction. The panels also came pre-insuated, eliminating the need to insulated on site. There are many benefits to prefab construction (speed, reduced labor, reduced waste) and the end result produces the same look and better results than most stick built homes on the market today.

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