How Much Do Timber Frame Homes Cost?

One of the most common questions people have when they call us about our timber frame homes is how much do timber frame homes cost? Do they cost more than conventionally “stick-built” homes? What is the price per square foot?

timber frame and sipsThis is a hard question to answer because it depends on many factors, such as house design, finish materials, labor costs, etc.  On average, the cost per square foot for a timber frame can be anywhere from $200-$400+ per SF. At Davis Frame Company, our average client home’s price per square foot is between $250-$300 per square foot for a turnkey house (does not include land or site work). In some popular destination areas near the lake or the mountain, we find the price per SF is often higher.

Timber frame homes can cost slightly more than the average conventionally built home. Timber frames offer high-quality materials, energy efficiency, and craftsmanship involved. Most timber frame companies work with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) or a high R-value insulation system to create a thermal envelope. SIPS cost more upfront than your standard insulation; however, the energy-efficient benefits outweigh the costs with the SIPS high R-values. Using a high R-value insulation for the thermal envelope will ultimately save you money on your heating and cooling costs. It will also outperform a stick-built home. The combination of timber framing, SIPS, and energy-efficient doors and windows make timber frame homes one of the most energy-efficient homes on the market today. Not only is a timber frame energy-efficient and high quality, but it also provides high market value.

How Design Affects Cost

timber frame homes costWhile timber frames typically cost more to build than a conventional home, the cost can vary depending on the design.  For example, let’s say there are two people building a custom 3,000 square foot timber frame home; both homes offer the same square footage but have different designs and use different finish materials. Let’s say client 1 has a more complicated design with more intricate architectural details. They added high-end finishing touches, such as custom cabinetry in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Client 2 has a simple design with straight lines. They incorporated a modest kitchen and standard cabinetry in the bathrooms. A difference in the design and finishing touches will most likely create a vast difference in the overall per square foot cost. Overall, the cost to build a timber frame home depends on the design of the home. Shape, size, site work, building, and interior finish materials are all big factors.

At Davis Frame Company, we can give you the cost of our package, but you will also have to involve a builder to get costs to see how much per square foot you can build in your area.

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