Off-Grid Timber Frame Voted Timber Home of the Year!

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 22, 2011-Davis Frame Company, designer and manufacturer of timber frame homes is proud to announce that one of their homes was voted “Timber Frame Home of the Year” by the Timber Frame Business Council. The off-grid timber frame home is located in Sisters, Oregon.

The off-grid timber frame home features traditional timber framing, an age-old craft that features exposed beams secured with mortise and tenon joinery. The home also features many green features, including solar panels and recycled building materials.

About the Off-Grid Timber Frame Home:

Homeowners and Independent Representatives for Davis Frame Company, Doug and Leanne Smith, worked on designing the home to be able to maintain a comfortable temperature off-grid timber frame homebased on its inherent structure and design and used renewable energy for its power needs.The important elements of passive solar design were to enclose the home in high-insulation exterior walls and ceiling material and position the windows to maximize solar gain, yet minimize heat loss. The broadside of the off-grid timber frame home and most of its windows face primarily south for optimum solar exposure for winter heating and photovoltaic electricity generation. The north and west sides of the home have minimal glazing and are protected by the garage and trees from prevailing winds. The ceilings are minimally vaulted to maintain the efficiency of heating and cooling the home. The polyurethane SIPs have high R-values with R26 walls and R40 ceilings. The floor is insulated to R38 bats, plus has 1.5 inches of light cement slab to enclose the in-floor heating system. All the home’s electricity is supplied from batteries powered by photovoltaic panels. Solar hot water panels supply hot water for in-floor heating to the main floor and the upstairs bathroom. The house uses less than 500 gallons of propane a year.

Earth Advantage Institute measured the home’s Energy Performance based on the design and building materials used. Earth Advantage estimated energy consumption to operate the Smiths home was one-third when compared to a just ‘built to code home’. The home’s carbon score was one-fifth of the average US house. Earth Advantage gave this home a ‘Platinum’ rating, its highest rating. To learn more about Earth Advantage please visit their website:

The Smith’s Davis Frame timber frame home has been featured on USA Today online, Jetson Green, Energy-Efficient Homes Magazine, Timber Home Living’s Best Homes of the Year and earned the 2009 Green Building Award from Central Oregon Builders Association.

About Davis Frame Company

Over two decades ago, Jeff Davis and Rick Bascom realized they shared a common dream: to build the finest custom-designed timber frame homes. Together they formed the Davis Frame Company. Both dedicated artisans, they have consistently attracted like-minded individuals to work with them who share the same ideals of quality, collaboration and an unrelenting passion for the trade. Every home by Davis Frame is both an expression of these values and a reflection of the owner’s desires.

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